1948 for national computer engineering

The Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR (USSR Cabinet) № 2369 on organization of new institute within the Academy of Sciences of the USSR is dated June, 29th 1948.

The very name of the institute, incorporated in the Academy of Sciences of the USSR system, which included words "computer engineering", tells that by the December 1948 the development of the computer engineering in the country was performed not only by talented enthusiasts (among them, of course, Sergey Alexeyevich Lebedev, who has been in charge of developing MESM since 1946, Isaac Semyonovich Brook, Bashir Iskandarovich Rameyev, etc) but at the government level as well.

The Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR (USSR Cabinet) № 2369 The Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR (USSR Cabinet) № 2369

IPM and CE was developing world-famous ECM of BESM, M-20 and Elbrus series as well as many less known special purpose ECM. In 1990 one of the BESM-6 units was moved in London and exhibited in the Science Museum as Europe’s best supercomputer at the time.

On December, 4th 1948 corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR I.S. Brook and his team received inventor’s certificate № 10475 for invention of electronic computing machine. Later, this team developed ECM М-1, М-2, М-3, М-4, М-5, М-7-200 and М-7-800.

On December, 17th 1948 the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR № 4663-1829 was issued, according to which a Special construction department № 245 (SCD-245) was organized attached to the SAM Moscow plant. The goal of the SCD-245 was to develop and to procure construction of computer engineering for defensive objects’ control system. Later it created serial vacuum tube computers "Strela", "Polyot", "Operator", series of special simulation systems, first М-20 computers (in cooperation with IPM and CE ASUSSR), "Ural-1", "Pogoda", "Kristall", М-205, М-206.

Programme Committee

Steering committee

  • Arutyun Avetisyan, Prof., Academician of RAS, director of the ISP RAS.
  • Garbuk S.V., Ph.D., Advanced Research Foundation (ARF).
  • Gergel V.P., Prof., NNSU.
  • David Alan Grier, 2013 IEEE Computer Society President, George Washington University.
  • Zhizhenko A.B., Prof., RAS academician.
  • Kalyaev I.A., Prof., RAS academician, RI MCS SFU.
  • Hironori Kasahara, IEEE CS President Elect 2018, President 2018, Waseda University.
  • Lyutikov V.S., FSTEC Russia.
  • Costas Stasopoulos, IEEE Director Region 8, Electricity Authority of Cyprus.
  • Fedosov E.A., RAS academician, FGUP GosNIIAS.
  • Dennis Tsichritzis, President of the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (ELIDEK).

Organizing Committee

  • Arutyun Avetisyan, Prof., Academician of RAS, director of the ISP RAS.
  • Belousov Igor, Prof., SAP .
  • Volkov Dmitry, editor-in-chief "Open Systems", senior research fellow Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics.
  • Ivanov Sergey, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Russia.
  • Konyagin Dmitriy, NVIDIA.
  • Luchinin Nikolay, Dell, Russia.
  • Pakulin Nikolay, Ph.D., ISP RAS.
  • Prokhorov Sergei, Prof., MIPT.
  • Samovarov Oleg, Ph.D., ISP RAS.

Programme Committee

Technologies of program analysis, modeling and transformation

  • Arutyun Avetisyan, Prof., Academician of RAS, director of the ISP RAS.
  • Belevantsev Andrey, Ph.D., ISP RAS.
  • Volkonsky V.Yu., Ph.D., JSC "MCST".
  • Gaysaryan Sergey, Ph.D., ISP RAS.
  • Devyztin P.N., Prof., ISEDU .
  • Drozdov Alexander, Prof., MIPT.
  • Kanatov Alexey, Ph.D., Samsung.
  • Koverninsky I.V., FGUP GosNIIAS.
  • Kuznetsov S.D., Prof., ISP RAS.
  • Makarov Vladimir , Ph.D., NovSU.
  • Ostanevich Sergey, Intel.
  • Petrenko Aleksander, Prof., ISP RAS.
  • Proskurin Vadim, Ph.D., EMA IS.
  • Tikhonov Andrey, ISP RAS.

Management of Data and Information Systems

  • Denis Turdakov, Ph.D., ISP RAS.
  • Natalia Loukachevitch, Dr. Sci., Recearch Computing Center of Moscow State University.
  • Dmitry Ustalov, Ph.D., University of Mannheim.
  • Kuznetsov Sergey, Dr. Sci., Professor, ISP RAS.
  • Anton Korshunov, Ph.D., Quantum.uk.
  • Nikita Astrakhantsev, Ph.D., Microsoft Corp.
  • Dmitry Lizorkin, Ph.D., Google LLC.
  • Boris Dobrov, Ph.D., Recearch Computing Center of Moscow State University.
  • Elena Tutubalina, Ph.D., Kazan Federal University.
  • Andrei Tchernykh, Dr. Sci., Prof., CICESE Research Centre (Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico).
  • Oleg Samovarov, Ph.D., ISP RAS.
  • Andrey Filchenkov, Ph.D., ITMO University.
  • Nikolai Kuzjurin, Dr. Sci., Prof., ISP RAS.
  • Vasily Velikhov, Ph.D., NRC "Kurchatov Institute".

Open source software in continuum mechanics problems solving

  • Prof J.M. Redondo, Universitat Politenica de Catalunya, PELNoT, LAB-ERCOFTAC.
  • Kornev N.V., Prof. Dr-Ing. habil., Universitat Rostock.
  • Dr. Henrik Rusche, WIKKI Gesellschaft fur numerische Kontinuumsmechanik mbH.
  • Chashechkin Yu D.,Prof., Ishlinsky Institute for Problems in Mechanics RAS.
  • Tkachenko I.V., Prof., SPbMTU.
  • Yakobovsky M.V., Prof., Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics.
  • Scheglov G.A., Prof., Bauman MSTU.
  • Strizhak S.V., Ph.D., HP, ISP RAS.
  • Sigbatullin I.N., Ph.D., Department of Mechanics and Mathematics, Lomonosov Moscow State University.
  • Marchevskiy I.K., Ph.D., Bauman MSTU.
  • Kraposhin M.V., ISP RAS.
  • Terekhov K.M., Ph.D., INM RAS.
  • Artem Nuriev, PhD, N.I.Lobachevsky Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics.
  • Banholzer M., Universität der Bundeswehr München.
  • Traxinger C., Universität der Bundeswehr München

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